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Playout - Radio Broadcasting

Today, people listen to the radio in their car, on their smartphone, online, live or via podcast. To provide them with permanent access to their programmes, radio stations, both private and public, must have effective broadcast tools.

The Radio Assist playout system represents the result of several years of research and reflection, in terms of both ergonomics and technology.

Playout pack:

> Air-DDO
> Quick Player
> Air Playlist
> Prompter

Air-DDO Radio playout system

Spread over two monitor screens, the interface displays simultaneously the four broadcast channels as well as access to the numerous help and preparation tools (cueingplaylist modification, recording, production).

Air-DDO takes up to four on-air outputs and a PFL playback simultaneously. The playlist can be broadcast on 1, 2, 3 or 4 channels.

With Air-DDO radio playout software you can either use:

  1. Playlists (containing audio items sequenced in chronological order)
  2. Carts (containing audio items to be played back to back)
  3. Stacks containing jingles or stingers
  4. A “hot box” reserved to top priority items.

The radio program presenter has access to a wide range of ergonomic tools:

  • General Drag & Drop
  • Easy-to-use Sound cueing
  • Looping of intro and sequence
  • Intro/outro, counter and countdown, scroll bar display
  • PFL playback on each channel
  • Automatic Sound linking (cut/mix)
  • Automatic fade from one voice to another
  • Dynamic playlist refresh
  • Easy management of start modes of on-time, off-time, floating, manual and automatic items, etc.
  • Real-time view of early or late playlist run
  • Many interfaces: mouse, touch screen, mixing console, dedicated remote control
  • Edition of formatted as run logs.

 radio playout on air broadcast software


Record, edit and schedule when on air

Several tools from the Radio Assist range are available: cueing, mixing on four tracks, playlist modification, recording, editing.

As background tasks, the technician uses monitoring and voice-over recording features.


Synchronous playlist modification and monitoring

Directly linked to the scheduling workstations, Air-DDO keeps track of the latest changes made to the playlist in real time and the refresh is automatically displayed. The technician is immediately warned by a visual alarm.

The Air-DDO workstation has direct access to a scheduling tab. By extension, the programme can feed a stream of on-air monitoring information to an Intranet site.


Automatic, semi-automatic or manual mode

These three broadcast modes are permanently available and the user can switch from one to another at will.

The semi-automatic mode is useful for integrating slots at a set time (such as a commercial break). The commercial will go on air automatically at the specified time. A time lag of ± x seconds can be defined for it.

Air-DDO in automatic mode comes into its own for overnight music programmes.


Quick-Player - Preparation and manual radio playout software

radio on air playout softwareQuick-Player is a programme combining both preparation and playout tools in one single GUI.

This software is for manual broadcast, with an intuitive interface, the "DJ" mode triggers sound items on the fly, using bed tracks to create an audio loop, loading of jingle packs, etc.


AirPlaylist - Broadcasting numerous radio channels

AirPlaylist is an optimized solution for broadcasting numerous channels. Natively integrated with the NETIA ecosystem, any playlist created and generated within NETIA FederAll module may be broadcast via the AirPlaylist module. Logs for any broadcast item may be accessed and monitored via NETIA’s AirRun module.

Audio-over-IP-compliant, encompassing the AES67 interoperability standard, the AirPlaylist module supports broadcasting via traditional physical sound cards or IP-based virtual drivers.

radio on air playlist softwareBuilt on a distributed architecture, the AirPlaylist module augments the overall reliability and robustness of playout while reducing total cost of ownership using a limited number of hardware devices.

In high-demand scenarios, the AirPlaylist user interface supports centralized control and monitoring of many different playout systems installed across different servers.

With the web-based interface, remote users can easily access the module to monitor or supervise playout on each channel and the status of media.

To make it short, this module simplifies multichannel playout and distribution of audio feeds to CDN, and enables tremendous gains in efficiency while ensuring the high reliability essential to broadcast applications. 

More information: New AirPlayList 2.0 Module for NETIA’s Radio Assist Software Simplifies Multichannel Radio Broadcasting


On-Air Tracker - Process radio playlists in real time

On-Air Tracker gives access to the database browser via a simple web browser.

The module can process radio playlists in real time. The user can consult the day's playlist to play or view items on the schedule and, more to the point, follow the on-air broadcast. The on-air item can be directly picked out with the Insider synchronization function. When the schedule is modified, it is immediately updated.

Granting access to editing, mixing, channel schedule and meta-data updating tools, the module offers a wide range of features for remote working.

All the browser functions are active: multicriteria search, immediate fluid viewing of media, etc.

The latest report can now be seen anywhere from the reception desk to the manager's office.

This user interface enables:

  • On-air tracking in real time of items currently on air.
  • Audio/video playback of items scheduled in the playlist.
  • Consultation of stations' playlists.

prompter radio playout software


Prompter - Gives radio presenters and journalists visual access to news scripts

The Prompter module gives presenters and journalists convenient visual access to news scripts, which scroll continuously across the presenter’s screen, linked with the playout system in the studio.

Customizable features such as text size, color selection, automatic speed control that adapts to reading speed, and read length may be configured in user profiles tailored to presenter preferences.


Browser - Easily find any document in your media database

The Browser is present on all Radio Assist workstations. According to the profile, the user may access a set of personalised data.
The search functions let you find a document quickly as well as all data related to it, whether texts, images or videos.

Each document type is represented by a tab in which several search criteria are specified. From the Browser, the user may, with the necessary rights, open an indexing file to edit metadata associated with the document it is targeting.

radio automation software


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