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Scheduling of one or more programme channels involves editing gridspreparing and filling playlists building stacks of jingles, music clips and commercials etc. 

Radio Assist has a number of scheduling tools available especially for radio stations.

Scheduling pack:

> Federall (playlist management)
> Grid-Editor
> Ads Localization
> Music Scheduling tool

Federall - Radio playlist preparation and editing software

scheduling radio software


The Federall module for playlist editing: playlist preparation is more rapid and flexible than ever as Federall makes all the necessary time calculations. Once the playlist template is ready, it just needs filling. When a sound is "ready-to-broadcast", its author just needs to drag & drop it into the space reserved for it.

Federall is also very popular with journalists as they place their reports in the news playlist directly from the production workstation. Whenever a sound is inserted, the software automatically calculates the time and warns of any overruns or underruns.

Users can also import music programming from third party systems either manually or automatically. All insertions and modifications are dynamically saved in the main playlist. Additionally, playlists can be generated automatically.

Federall has several production tools, such as Multi-Mix, which allows access to four tracks to fine tune the sequencing of four consecutive sounds; The Voice-Over feature gives access to three tracks, with the middle one being used for a vocal or musical intervention between two sounds.


Grid editor - Timetable where program slots are modeled for a given period

grid-editor radio software


Grid-Editor is a veritable timetable, where program slots are modeled for a given period.

The sequence of programs is detailed step-by-step:

  • Insertion of models or steps

  • Items transition with fixed or floating time

  • Different starting modes (automatic, manual, with extra time allowed, etc.)

  • Metadata Insertion.


Recurrent sounds such as programme jingles are set directly in the grid, so that the programmer does not need to load them for each new schedule.

Once the grid has been created it can be used throughout the period defined, and accepts temporary or permanent modifications at any time. Based on the grid thus formatted, the generation of each new playlist is automatic.


Adverts localisation - Dedicate your programs to specific regions


This solution is used to create, manage and dispatch several micro-playlists, each one of which is dedicated to specific regions, when it comes to local advertising.

The solution can be used in complex environment and countries with specific constraints:

  • Long distance separating sites (including very remote ones with very basic connectivity),

  • Multiple time zone (including half hours) & day light savings modes,

  • Multiple networks (sometime there can be multiple audio beds such as a local and state bed…).


Browser - Find easily any document in your media database


The Browser is present on all Radio Assist workstations. According to the profile, the user may access a set of personalised data.

One special feature of the Browser is the power of its search facility and its ability to bind together one broadcaster's content, even when that content is physically stored on different servers. There are many search criteria to find a file quickly and all its associated data, that including texts, images or videos.

The Browser includes optional engines optimizing datamining. Each type of file is represented by a tab where several search criteria are defined.

radio automation software


music scheduling software

Music scheduling - Generate music playlists using rules


An automatic music scheduling system is embedded in Radio Assist, allowing for an automatic filling of day to day schedule with music upon rules and rotation constraints.

The tool helps you to generate music playlists, with different patterns so that your musical programming never repeat exactly the same way twice.

Not only can you call all sorts of user-defined music categories, but you can also set dayparting restrictions, breakable and unbreakable rules that are coherent with the music policy of your radio station.

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