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Demonstration software : Snippet LE 8. Free audio editing tool for various file formats (Raw, Wav, AIFF, mp3, Pro-tools Sd2, Musifile, Eela Audio, BWF, etc.)

NETIA offers Snippet LE (Light Edition) 8, the new free version of its Radio-Assist 8 production tool, especially designed for journalistic editing work. The Snippet tool is a user-friendly way to complete simple or complex audio edit work. The Snippet LE 8 application is a streamlined version of the "Snippet" tool available in the company's leading Media Assist radio automation software.


It provides all digital audio editing techniques in a single screen:snippet8 le medium


  • Editing interviews and reports

  • Selection of a sequence at random

  • Two cut modes: by adding or removing

  • File editing before recording ends

  • Trim bin

  • Setting fade points, sequence inversion, and insertion of new sounds

  • Stretching a selected sequence

  • Drag and drop, screen exit scroll function, right or left mouse click, keyboard shortcuts, special keyboard, etc.

  • File formats supported: Raw, Wav, AIFF, mp3, Pro-tools Sd2, Musifile, Eela Audio, BWF, etc.


Snippet LE 8 allows fast and ergonomic editing of interviews and reports to become really easy. For example, you can access a range of functions with a right click on a sequence line:


  • play a cut sequence,
  • rename it,
  • paste it,
  • and save it with another name.

w7-comp rgb medium


The free Snippet LE version includes the same features as the Radio-Assist 8 Snippet tool version but it has been developed as a separate application and therefore, it doesn't operate on any database.

With this new version, Snippet LE 8 has successfully passed high standards of compatibility, reliability, and performance of Windows® 7 (x64) and Win XP Pro (x86) certification. Snippet LE 8 is not compatible with Windows 10.

Discover what user ergonomics in a digital audio workstation really means. NETIA thinks and makes life easier for the broadcaster.


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