Production Asset Management


The highly ergonomic features of the Radio Assist production tools make them very easy to learn and use.

There are several editing levels, ranging from the quick Snippet to the more complex Multi-track Snippet+.

Processing of each production stage is now faster, and can even be processed from a web-based application.

Production pack:

> Export
> Import
> Federall
> Production
> Record
> Snippet/Snippet+/iSnippet

Browser - Find quickly any document in your media database

The Browser is present on all Radio Assist workstations. According to the profile, the user may access a set of personalised data.
The search functions let you find a document quickly as well as all data related to it, whether texts, images or videos.
Each document type is represented by a tab in which several search criteria are specified. From the Browser, the user may, with the necessary rights, open an indexing file to edit metadata associated with the document it is targeting.

radio automation software production



The spectrum of the sound file is generated in real time. At any time, the user can rework the recording, start it again, do several takes to decide which is the best.
Many situations are allowed for, such as reset when the user changes, program exit impossible when recording is in progress, immediate transfer of the recording in progress to the edit tab, for example.


Import any support/format in your media database

radio automation production software

The Import module is designed to accept a great many of these supports (CD, DVD, etc.) and formats (PCM linear, MPEG, FLAC, AAC, etc.).
The user prepares the list of documents for import and starts the import. The imported files are then available in the database.


Export your media files to different targets

The files can be exported to different targets then encoded in a pre-set format.
Different export profiles can be configured (with different output profiles, rates and sampling frequency, number of channels, mono or stereo).


Audio editing tools designed for journalistic editing work

Snippet (mono-track)

Especially designed for editing interviews and reports, the Snippet tool provides all digital audio editing techniques in a single screen.

  • Selection of a sequence at random
  • Editing during recording
  • Trim bin
  • Setting fade points, sequence inversion, insertion of new sounds
  • Stretching a selected sequence
  • Drag & Drop, screen exit Scroll function, left and right mouse click, keyboard shortcuts, special keyboard, etc.

Snippet+ (multi-track)

The Snippet+ tools allows mixing using several tracks.
Each individual track has full editing and mixing (recording, independent fade and planning curves for clips and for tracks, sequence stretching, sequence mastering, mute or solo, etc.).
Snippet+ is also compatible with VST plugins.

iSnippet (audio editing tool for iOS)

mobile audio editing software

iSnippet lets users of iOS devices edit and index content from their mobile devices, and record and export media ready for broadcast from the database in the Radio Assist studio.

During recording, the user may adjust the recording volume, insert markers and activate screen locking.

The edited files can themselves be sent as raw files or mastered files (MP3/AAC/ALAC/AIFF/WAVE) to an FTP server, or directly to the Radio Assist database with an index file.


Federall - Edit playlists

The Federall module is used to edit playlists: their preparation is faster and more flexible since the tool accepts all time calculations and simplifies operations.


Production - Preparation of media to broadcast

Each sound to be broadcast is prepared by the user with the Production function. This setting of lead-in points and sequenced fade curves improves the quality of the broadcast. The tool also enables the user to set markers and command trigger points (GPI).



The Cartstack-Prep module is designed to create and modify cartstacks programmed for the radio station. They are perfect for storing jingles and other sounds on request.


Isnippet1iSnippet audio editing tool for iPhone® and iPad® devices now is available on the iTunes App Store. Sharing the same look and ergonomic principles as the Snippet desktop interface available within NETIA’s acclaimed Radio-Assist™ radio automation software suite, iSnippet allows iOS device users not only to edit and index media from their mobile devices, but also to record and export ready-to-broadcast assets from the in-studio Radio-Assist database. Download iSnippet!


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