Media Assist: audio/video recorder, media management software and archive solution for your organisation

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Nowadays, most institutional and industrial organisations need to manage and share an increasing amount of critical audiovisual data in order to take their strategic decisions.


  • Marketing and communications departments have to keep a close eye on the media for anything that relates to their company’s image, the markets they are active in, and competitors.

  • Some managers of major international groups need to know, at any given moment, what has been said and decided in the meetings or seminars they have not been able to attend.

  • media logging speech to text softwareIn sectors such as agriculture, road safety and Smart Cities, a number of decisions depend on sharing and comparing multiple data sources, including fixed cameras and cameras on board drones.

  • In various industrial sectors, R&D laboratories may need to use cameras in order to record, monitor or test the behaviour of their innovations.


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A modular and integrated software suite to meet the vast and increasingly urgent needs of all companies and institutions.

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Media Assist software suite provides for:

  • Simultaneously importing, whether manually or automatically, multiple video and audio data sources from various channels: TV, radio, Internet, cameras, audio sensors
  • Adding customised metadata to this information, indexing and archiving it
  • Ensuring their transcription into multilingual texts (“Speech to text” function)
  • Viewing the information as thumbnails
  • Finding the required information via a semantic search engine, to use and share it.

Feedbacks from clients outside the broadcast industry show the relevancy of Media Assist on a number of issues.


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Nearly 350 meetings archived and shared every day

Our client, a major financial institution uses Media Assist to automate the recording of all meetings taking place on its premises: 
300 to 350 meetings are thus recorded every day, discussions are turned into text, indexed and archived, with a view to being shared at any time.
The previous system required a number of manual operations and resulted in a complex and burdensome recordings management.
The new system facilitates sharing and offers quick traceability on decisions reached during meetings that impact the company’s core business.

  • Targets : Banking, Financial institution, Insurance, or any other entreprise businesses. 


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6 to 7 times more recorded and viewable shows

Informations and Communications departments now use Media Assist to simultaneously record, search and view several terrestrial/satellite TV and radio channels, and many other media sources on demand.

Media Assist makes it possible to monitor 6 to 7 times more programmes than what was earlier possible with a dedicated team.

In less than 15 minutes, recordings are processed and available via thumbnails.
They may also be accessed via a semantic search engine, to find out what has been said in the media about a certain topic.

  • Targets : Ministry of Informations and Communications, Ministry of Defense, National Archives, Foreign Affairs...


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Legal audiovisual archiving and communication made easier for major democratic institutions

Some major democratic institutions in various countries (parliaments and senates) use Media Assist to make studio recordings available to their representatives or senators, as well as journalists, to facilitate and share communication at the end of an assembly session.

NETIA’s software suite enables these institutions to record all their sessions, ensure their legal storage, view and edit excerpts to be later broadcast by any local or national media groups.

  • Targets : Parliaments, Senates, or any other Public Institution.


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Capture and share time-coded video for testing protocoles

This aerospace manufacturer uses Media Assist to test their latest innovations.

During in-flight tests, the NETIA solution combines and synchronizes video with dynamic time-coded measurement sensors (such as pressure, temperature, speed) in order to conduct a more visual analysis of the device’s behaviour.

  • Targets : Aerospace, Car or any other industry.

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