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The relevance and responsiveness of information have become essential, which is why Radio Assist is used for automatic scheduled recording of audio and video streamsRadio Assist's feed pack records everything that is broadcast and thus automatically captures all streams to ensure they comply with legal requirements.

The NETIA solution is able to make several recordings simultaneously, 24 hours a day.

Feed pack:

> Feed-In

> Feed-Plan


Browser - Find easily any document in your media database

The Browser is present on all Radio Assist workstations. According to the profile, the user may access a set of personalised data.

One special feature of the Browser is the power of its search facility and its ability to bind together one broadcaster's content, even when that content is physically stored on different servers. There are many search criteria to find a file quickly and all its associated data, that including texts, images or videos.

The Browser includes optional engines optimizing datamining. Each type of file is represented by a tab where several search criteria are defined.

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Feed-Plan- For day-by-day scheduling of automatic recordings

scheduling feed softwareThe Feed-Plan module is used for day-by-day scheduling of all automatic recordings of external programmes. The technician uses a specific calendar to define each recording in advance with the name of the station, date, time of acquisition, length, etc.

Feed-Plan also lets you schedule recordings automatically through the import of EPG (Electronic Program Guide) files.


Feed-In - Manage all audio/video stream recordings

The Feed-In module automatically integrates all audio/video stream recording requests.

Station networking means that several recordings can take place simultaneously. Feed-In has a full channel recording function to record all day long up to a pre-set date and by periods of 1/2 hour, 1 hour, etc.

The recording sources can record analog or IP streams. Recording streams via IP lets you fully capture metadata (subtitles, programme info, multilingual audio tracks, etc.).


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