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Atlantic Radio is simplifying the work of creating its programmes thanks to the successful upgrade to Radio Assist 8

Atlantic Radio, which since its launch in 2006 has been a client of NETIA, upgraded to Radio-Assist 8 in 2014. This project, successfully completed in the course of a few weeks, has yielded three main benefits: an improvement in technical handling, automation of the station playlist and the capacity to produce short jingles and background music on the fly.


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Rachid Mounaouar - IT and Technical Director of the Ecomédias group, which is the publisher of L'Economiste and Assabah, and the broadcaster of Atlantic Radio - explains:

Although we are seeing the benefits of our move to Radio-Assist 8 today, we were compelled to institute this project for purely technical reasons, not by NETIA, but by Microsoft. In fact, Microsoft announced the official end of Windows XP and MS SQL 2000 database maintenance at the end of 2012. It was precisely this technical framework within which our Radio-Assist 7 automation system was operating and performing very reliably - a system that had been recommended to us by Radio France Internationale, our partner at the time of our launch, in 2006.

A successful migration with the crucial assistance of two experts from NETIA

Forced to modernize its IT infrastructure very rapidly by means of an upgrade to the Windows 7 and MS SQL 2012 databases, as the discontinuation of support for old Microsoft systems was resulting in increasingly frequent broadcasting disruption, Atlantic Radio called on NETIA for help.


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Rachid Mounaouar says:

For around two months we laid the ground work for the migration to the new Microsoft environment and to Radio-Assist version 8, which would enable us to make the best use of it. Two NETIA experts helped us to decide on the best servers, network cards and technical configurations to optimize the performance of our core business, based primarily on Radio-Assist 8’s broadcasting module. This support was relevant and key to the success of our upgrade project.


For a week after the deployment of the new version, the NETIA experts also provided Radio Assist 8 training to the 26 journalists - over 4 half-days on alternate days so as not to disrupt the station airtime - and the 7 technicians in one day.


Finally, in late January, the move from Radio AssistTM version 7 to version 8 was carried out in the course of a single night, followed by a week of performance tuning.

Increased comfort for the technical staff, thanks to the automated playlist

The greatest beneficiaries of this upgrade to Radio AssistTM 8 are the 7 Atlantic Radio technical staff.

Rachid Mounaouar recalls: Before, they put the playlist together manually and often had to stay till late at night and over the weekend for it to be ready in time. Thanks to version 8’s new Feder-All service, the creation of the playlists has been fully automated, so the technicians no longer have to work at night or over the weekend, and in addition we are a week ahead in terms of our daily playlist.

A further advantage for the technicians is version 8’s new production module. This in fact enables them to introduce a music background to journalists’ voices very easily or to insert short jingles to enhance programmes on the fly and make them more attractive.

A more sophisticated dashboard for greater responsiveness

Rachid Mounaouar adds: I have also greatly benefited from this upgrade. In fact, with version 8, the technical manager’s dashboard has increased in precision. It provides an overview, second by second, of all of the system events: the behaviour of the networks, the work stations and all of the applications necessary to the smooth operation of the station’s broadcasting. This overview, backed up by an alert system and a more detailed analysis of any anomalies, allows me to react extremely rapidly, to anticipate and correct a problem or, if necessary, to refer it to NETIA’s technical support team, which can access it remotely.

Finally, for the journalists, version 8 and the new Microsoft environment that hosts it are synonymous with greatly improved response times when using their daily broadcasting tool.

Atlantic Radio, in brief


Atlantic Radio was created in 2006 by Moroccan private press group Eco-Médias, the publisher of l’Economiste, the leading French-language economic daily in Morocco, viewed today as a benchmark in the field of processing and analysing news.

With 21 broadcasting sites in the biggest Moroccan towns, 26 journalists and 7 technical staff, Radio Atlantic Radio specializes in economic news and music tracks from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Its programming, combining regular news bulletins, music and interactive broadcasts in French and Arabic, particularly attracts the Moroccan intelligentsia, especially executives and academics.

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