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With Radio Assist 8, Shems FM brands radio, internet and iPhone channels with its mark.


For Shems FM, the fourth Tunisian private radio stations to go on-air, Radio Assist 8 is a unifying element for its organization. It contributes to the performance of its teams on all levels, from journalists to managers, and speakers to technicians. NETIA's solution is therefore an asset on an increasingly competitive market.

shems morocco radio software"Following the recent political upheaval in Tunisia, we have had to cope with an increasing number of competitors on the air", explains Ayed Ghanem, Technical Director of Shems FM. "Thanks to the freedom of expression they had when dealing with current issues, the few Tunisian private radio stations were able to attract listeners a few months ago. Now though, state-owned radio stations are back in force. Fortunately, right from the start, we always opted for professionalism, notably by acquiring a powerful tool in NETIA's Radio Assist 8. This tool supports our productivity, by allowing us to get the full benefit of new technology and increasing our broadcasting channels, thereby making it an asset for meeting the challenge of our competitors".

Shems FM became Tunisia's fourth private radio station when it took to the country's airwaves for the first time on 27 September 2010. A few months before the official launch, Shems FM launched a market consultation to equip itself with a digital audio automation system. The aim was to optimize the management of its business processes, from acquisition to broadcasting on radio and internet, through a new modern website, offering live material, reruns, podcasts and playlists.

Radio Assist 8 chosen for its ergonomics and its pool of expertise in Tunisia

"As part of the market consultation process, we compared three rival offers with quite similar features", recalls Ayed Ghanem. "But NETIA's Radio Assist 8 quickly distinguished itself from the others with its ergonomics which made it easier to handle and master. In addition, NETIA has a strong reputation in North Africa, with many of our competitors using their solutions.

Additionally, a significant majority of the technicians we met during our recruitment process were familiar with Radio Assist. They knew how to use it and had a good opinion of it. This ease-of-handling shems morocco radio automation softwareand the great pool of expertise fully served our double strategic objective, i.e. to be operational on the market as soon as possible, as there were important financial issues at stake, and to keep our organization going by aiding its development".

In July 2010, Shems FM equipped itself with Radio AssistTM 8. The implementation of the system began with the assistance of two NETIA French project managers. They helped with the installation and configuration of the Radio Assist 8 architecture which is based on two redundant servers, guaranteeing the high availability of the acquisition, production, planning, and broadcast control tools.

NETIA also trained the administrators, speakers, journalists, managers and technicians. "NETIA's training was extremely clear, helping us to master all the subtleties of our Radio Assist 8 solution. Thanks to this successful skills transfer, we were able to find the solution for each production problem encountered from the very beginning!"

A unifying industrialization tool to broadcast news when it happens

Today, almost a year after the launch of Shems FM, Radio AssistTM 8 is the station's major unifying tool because it is used by all departments and managers, i.e. about 30 people.

Upstream of broadcasting, journalists have a press room and two editing rooms available, both equipped with Radio Assist 8. In the editing rooms, the journalists can use Radio AssistTM 8 to record their interviews, edit them, add effects or music, with the support of a technician if needed, and deliver a program which is ready to be included in the production grid.

shems morocco radio archiving softwareAyed Ghanem points out the importance of this development: "Thanks to this integration from acquisition to production, which allows them to conduct the entire process without changing tools, journalists estimate that they can deliver their reports 6 or 7 times faster than they could with more traditional production tools. This speed enables Shems FM to quickly cover the news and issues affecting the society, which is essential in today's evolving world".

The technicians use Radio Assist 8 for all music production, media log editing (linear work) and webcasts. Radio Assist 8 also enables them to prepare their playlists in advance (Feder-all Desk module), to validate the insertion of journalists' programs and to send to broadcast, before monitoring and modifying it, if needed, as it goes out with Air-DDO Module.

For pertinent quality management and broadcast legal archiving

Radio Assist 8 enables Shems FM speakers, managing director and the station manager to monitor the program log. The interface facilitates the speaker's work; a telephone insertion tool means they can make calls or take calls from listeners at the most appropriate moment. The managing director and station manager can use this Radio Assist 8 option to ensure quality control, by checking what goes out on air against what was on the playlist.

shems morocco radio software"Because it provides double recording both in high resolution and MP3, Radio Assist 8 enables us to broadcast our programs practically simultaneously on the radio, our website and on iPhone", concludes Ayed Ghanem.

"We are now the only private Tunisian radio station with MP3 broadcasts, offering our internet listeners a high quality of music. We are also the only station on iPhone. This double format, managed by Radio Assist 8 is a real advantage, because it enables us to store up to 15 days of reports in high-resolution on the Radio Assist 8 database, so that we can use them for our radio reruns. But we also carry out all our legal archiving with Radio Assist 8 (several years of reports) in low resolution MP3 format, enabling us to use up to 6 times less disc space. Radio Assist 8 is, therefore, a short-term competitive tool and a long-term solution, guaranteeing our continued existence!"

"Shems FM, the station that is good for your ears"

This is the motto of the young Tunisian private radio station, whose average presenter age is 26. Officially launched in September 2010, its programming is based on news, entertainment and culture. Believing strongly in respecting its listeners, Shems FM, displays a desire to be 'first on the case' and right to the point in its search for news and information. Regarding its music scheduling, Shems FM goes for variety and choice in order to satisfy as many listeners as possible.

Also available on the internet via its website, the radio station offers internet users the chance to listen to live programs, to post comments and to access podcasts.


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