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Radio France has been moving towards a global system since 1999

Radio France is the leading national radio group with 6 thematic channels, 40 local radios and 4 orchestras and choirs. In 1999, the Radio France management launched a vast digitalization programme over its entire network. The technical management's aim is to use all the possibilities opened up by the new information and communication technologies. In 2000, France Info, Radio France's permanent news channel, inaugurated the arrival of digital radio in the " Round Building ".

Sound acquisition and production

radio france radio softwareRadio France has numerous workstations equipped with NETIA Radio-AssistTM acquisition and production software over the whole of the french network. During acquisition, the record function automatically digitalizes the recorded analog documents. The extremely ergonomic characteristics of the Radio-Assist production tools make them very easy to learn and to use. There are several levels of editing, ranging from the fastest Easy Editing to the most complex Multitrack. These days each stage of production is processed extremely rapidly. As par t of its par tnership with Nagra, NETIA has recently developed a new extremely fast and reliable function for importing all recordings on Ares-C and Ares-P cards. As soon as an item is confirmed as RTB, it is automatically stored both on the main server (a Sony Petasite) and on the intermediation server.


Radio France has made interoperability a central concern in its strategy for digitalizing its different activities, to ensure that technical devices with a different source and of a different nature can exchange sounds together with the data required for their use. Interoperability is based on the use of de facto and recognized standards, the use of commonplace interfaces and the possibility of mutualizing the sounds between the different channels using an exchange bank: intermediation. This approach has allowed the best solution to be chosen in each field of activity (production, editing, broadcasting, documentation, supervision, etc.) by arranging several sources of supply.


Radio France's organization taking the diversity of the channels into account. It is structured around a modular architecture client/server. The sounds are put on the air under the control of a playlist, the contents of which can be accessed by several users simultaneously. Any modification that a user makes to the playlist are passed on to all users. An on air station is able to handle the broadcasting of several radios on different channels and is shared between the different radios via an equipment controller.

The sounds are automatically loaded on the initiative of a transactional service accommodated on the intermediation facility, which receives transfer requests from each station. The transfer function retrieves the content of the playlist, then the latter requests the transfer of each sound missing on the On Air station.

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