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15 years of successful partnership with NETIA making significant changes in radio

For more than 15 years RTBF has benefited from NETIA innovations, following and anticipating changes in radio, all the while contributing to the functional and professional enrichment of Radio-AssistTM software solution, thanks to the involvement of its users.



This is the story of a beneficial technical collaboration...

« Radio is a constantly evolving medium which takes particular advantage of new technologies to retain the loyalty of their listeners and above all, to captivate as large an audience as possible » explains Cécile Gonfroid, Technology and Operations Director for the RTBF - the public broadcasting organisation for the French-speaking community in Belgium.

rtbf radio production software« Our partnership with NETIA, which has lasted for more than 15 years, is part of this rationale of permanent rejuvenation : in this collaboration we bring our professional experience, our anticipation of the functional requirements of the industry and our technological knowledge, and in return, we benefit from NETIA's technological expertise and observation and their reactive ability to enable their software solution to evolve by making full use of available innovations. »

It was in 1997 when the RTBF first met NETIA. This public broadcasting organisation aimed at French-speaking Belgian listeners was in the middle of a complete reorganisation and aware of how far behind its French, Swiss and Canadian counterparts it was : while at RTBF, the significant cost increase in magnetic tape was becoming difficult to manage, the other 3 had already started to move towards digitisation. In order to equip themselves with a production and broadcasting platform which included digital technology, RTBF issued a call for tender which was won by NETIA thanks to their Radio-Assist offer.


Radio-Assist has become the backbone of RTBF's radio processes

« The test group which decided between the offers was composed by technicians and journalists » remembers Laurent Flémal, Digitisation manager at RTBF. « Radio-Assist is therefore the result of users choice seduced by its ergonomics ; in effect it allows them, even today, to access all the functionalities they need to edit programmes within one window, when competitors' solutions, which were more complicated to use, involved going back and forth between different screens. Since then, our users have played an active part in testing NETIA solutions and subsequently in suggestions for their developments, in line with necessary changes at RTBF and in the radio word. »


rtbf radio automation softwareNetwork production sites which share the contents

The client/server architecture of Radio-AssistTM is perfectly suited for this centralisation : the NETIA solution now runs on two servers in RAID 5.
« Shared by the 6 RTBF sites in the network and personalised for all the departments (recording studios, editing room, presenters'' offices), and due to its very clear ergonomics, it ensures and above all simplifies pre-production, production and on-air, » adds Laurent Flémal. « It also allows the sites to share the programmes they create. And the productivity gains are directly put to good use in the quality and creativity of our broadcasts. »

« At RTBF we have a ressource person policy which allows us to work in synergy with both our end users on the professional side and the development teams at NETIA and the RTBF, on Radio Assist's continuous enrichment projects » explains Cécile Gonfroid.


RTBF : plurality and diversity serving the French-speaking Belgian community

Created in 1977, the public broadcasting organisation for the French-speaking community in Belgium (RTBF) has been an independent, self-governing, public company since 14th July 1997, broadcasting on cultural topics. It aims to provide the French-speaking community an audio and visual broadcasting service which promotes information, cultural development and audio-visual creation, as well as continuous education and entertainment. To reach as large an audience as possible RTBF encompasses 6 radio stations : the first, for round-the-clock information, Vivacity, working closely with the regions, Musiq'3, for classical music, Classic 21, the pop-rock radio station, Pure FM for the young adults, and RTBF International which is broadcast internationally. RTBF also includes 4 television channels (One, Two, Three and Arte Belgique), and numerous internet sites (Activité iRTBF) which broadcasts enriched programmes which are different from those on the radio and TV, strengthening the interactive relationship with the listeners and the viewers.
For more info : www.rtbf.be 

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