Production Asset Management

Back Office

Top priority to data security!

NETIA endeavours to optimise software security aspects.

At the heart of the system are all the Back Office modules to administer and manage the relationship between workstations on one or more networks.

The « Back-Office » Pack is designed to centrally manage all aspect of the systems, such as user rights managements, archiving and Purge policies, etc.

Back Office pack:

> Administrator
> Federall Service
> Purge
> Tab Editor
> Archive
> Phone-In


media management softwareThe Administrator module lets you create and manage users and groups of users as well as the rights and rules applicable to these users.

For example, the administrator may allow a file to be viewed or read while applying restrictions to editing.

Administrator also supports groups created in an Active Directory.

Therefore, the module lets you centralise management of users while allowing them to use a single account to access all features provided to them by the administrator.


Federall Service

Federall Service lets you automate imports from third-party tools and systems into Radio Assist playlists. A number of integrations are already available: MusicMaster, G-selector, Ram-Comm, etc.

This service is also used for the automatic generation of playlists, which is based on pre-defined models in the programme grid (Grid-Editor module).



The Automatic Purge module deletes files from the production server according to the expiration dates set by the administrator.

Rules based on categories, the type of metadata can be implemented to refine the sorting. The tool helps you to generate music playlists, with different patterns so that your musical programming never repeat exactly the same way twice. Not only can you call all sorts of user-defined music categories, but you can also set dayparting restrictions, breakable and unbreakable rules that are coherent with the music policy of your radio station …


Tab Editor

audiovisual archive softwareThanks to the Tab Editor module, administrators can easily create personalised tabs in the Browser.

This creation of tabs allows elements to be grouped into editorial categories.



The Radio Assist archiving solutions lets you manage archives on CD-ROM/DVD-ROM media and to dedicated archive servers. Processes for file archiving are managed through a simple system of flags, while assets retrieval is completely transparent to the end users. Besides, no matter their location, media are easily accessible and findable.

For example, if an item has already been archived, the system will simply ask the user if he/she wants to restore the archived element to the production server. If the user chooses this option, the audio item will be restored in a matter of click!

Therefore, the radio station staff only has to focus on editorial and creative work rather than digging through obscure and arcane data libraries, enjoying a mainstream and accessible archive system.



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