Production Asset Management

Exchange - Archiving and sharing media

Archiving and sharing media between several remote sites requires the essential expertise of Radio Assist: automatic digitisation/conversion of sound files, automatic management of transfers, input of metadata and export.

To ensure direct access to archived media for journalists, directors and producers, the NETIA solution organises the media management procedures, harmonises inter-application exchanges, manages prioritisation, automates publication tasks.

Exchange pack:

> Autofill
> Dispatcher
> Exchange hub
> Workflow Editor


Autofill -Automated document conversion and import

The Autofill module automates document conversion and import into the central base through a continuous polling method.

Irrespective of the format, Autofill converts the file to Radio Assist format, stores it in the database along with any related data, and makes it available to all stations in the system.


Dispatcher - Automatic media export and conversion

Dispatcher is a powerful controller capable of converting then exporting media files directly from the Radio Assist base to any destination.

The specific feature of Dispatcher is that it offers parametrisation of several profiles. Each profile is defined by a conversion format, a destination, etc.


Exchange Hub - Media sharing for collaborative work

workflow mam softwareAt the heart of your organisation, the Radio Assist suite encourages collaborative work, with an Exchange Hub module.

  • Thanks to the Media-Sharing feature, it is possible to share content between several sites equipped with the NETIA solution, while selecting all your target destinations at once, for easier and faster delivery.
  • Thanks to the Export feature, copies of your database content can also be sent to several types of platforms (e.g. an FTP server, a DVD…). Additionally, authorised users can define their own output profiles by choosing the encoding format, the rate, the sampling frequency, etc.


NETIA Workflow Editor

workflow mam softwareCreation of a workflow (modelling all tasks to be automated) is performed via an interface that generates a descriptive XML file corresponding to the modelled workflow: this is NETIA Workflow Editor.

This graphic editor can also be used to modify the original definition of an existing workflow.

Once the workflow has been created/modified in the editor, the user can save it as an XML file.

This file is then stored in a specific directory and immediately taken into consideration by the system engine. All instances of a modified workflow which are already in progress in the NETIA Workflow Engine are not impacted by such modifications. Furthermore, new instances of workflows will be based on the latest version to date.

NETIA Workflow Editor is a software module developed in C++ which can be installed on any standard Windows machine. It is possible to install several workflow editors for a single workflow engine. From then on, several users concurrently have the ability to create and modify workflows.


NETIA Workflow Engine

NETIA Workflow Engine is an automation tool which executes workflows and organises processing of the various tasks constituting it.


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