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- Modifications:

 - Icon display for an LTI element in driving

 - Add \ replacement of the pipe for OpenAir


- Corrections:

 - Off Time screen Fade out auto works normally.

 - The "non-floating" screens of the next playlist are always played.

 - Correction of the instability caused by loading/unloading playlist.

 - Fixed the early triggering of the on-screen fade event.

 - In the search window, the PFL icon is displayed.

 - Removal in Air DDO of the Stretch function.

 - Fixed synchronization problem of NetiaMosGateway.


DoubleEcran 82


AirPlaylistII :


Added Feature :


 - Local Copy : Copy the contents that will be played in a local folder, to prevent audio discontinuity due to network failure.


Corrections :


 - [Local Copy] Slower copy to avoid network load peak.

 - [NdaDB] Safely reconnect both databases when one of them is lost.

 - Update compiler to v141.

 - Playlist does not start when flagging it RTB after it's start date.

 - Duplicated radio in monitoring.

 - Improve list messages management.

 - Double file server synchronisation.

 - First playlist on time screen is not played if first element is invalid.

 - Do not load recordable file from filer.

 - Do not take in count invalid items to compute playlist window.