Workflow management

nweTo manage an increasing volume of media files as well as orchestrate various applications within a single production environment, NETIA designed a Workflow Manager. A workflow consists of a sequence of connected manual or automated activities to be performed. Its dedicated tool let visually create these workflows.

The connectors carry instructions from any third party system such as NETIA MAM and detail the tasks to be automatically executed.

The NETIA MAM’s Workflow Manager organizes media management processes, harmonizes exchanges between different applications and automates content distribution processes.

To streamline the actual content delivery, the solution provides tools to interface with content packaging, metadata tagging, and rights management, with workflow supervision guiding these processes. Configurable rules govern the delivery of content to specific service providers and numerous service platforms ranging from VOD to set-top box, catchup TV, and Internet news portals.

  • Visual construction of workflow
  • Intuitive and ergonomic graphic user interface
  • Highly flexible connectors library
  • Reduce costs and minimize the need for human intervention.


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