supportNETIA provides its clients a new tool to establish a unified process of dialogue between your NETIA’s platform and NETIA support’s department.
If you already are a NETIA client you should subscribe a maintenance contract in order to benefit from our Heldesk Support Service.
After this you will receive a login to connect online to this service platform :

This system will offer you tools to:

track incidents (in progress, closed, frozen or open) you have issued (or previously created by the support department), from their creation until their closure.

share practical information about our products (procedure, trick to use, scope of action / possibilities of NETIA products and support platform itself).

interact directly with the support department.

If you are a client and already have a NETIA maintenance contract, you can download here the Teamviewer Netia Quick Support to enable remote support for our technicians.

You are a client and you would like to use this service ? Contact NETIA support department below!

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